Weekly Update #3

Last week The New York Times ran a powerful and inspiring op-ed by Charles M. Blow, Reading Books Is Fundamental, in which he writes, “Books, to me, were powerful and transformational.” Honestly, I could not agree more. Books transformed me as a child, opening me up to a universe of possibilities. I write today, because of the books that I read in the past, and continue to read today. I created The Adventures of Darius Logan not only as a piece of entertainment, but as a tool of transformation. When I was a kid, there was a specific sort of book, with a specific sort of hero that I wanted to read, but I couldn’t find that book. I didn’t see that hero. And I wanted both the book and the hero so bad, that I never stopped looking. Decades later, with neither in sight, I decide to create what I needed as a child.

There’s not much to report this week. I’ve been writing. I’ve been getting lost in No Man’s Land, which is far more densely populated than I realized when I wrote Super Justice Force. I’m exploring this desolated urban wasteland, and I’m meeting all sorts of interesting people whose lives are about to become forever connected to Darius (and Elladia). Super Justice Force is a book about Darius, and much of it is set within the confines of SJF Headquarters. No Man’s Land is a book about Darius and Elladia, and some new characters, and it takes place in a much larger world. That’s all for this week’s update. Time to get back to work on something I hope will prove to be powerful and transformational.

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