SJF Holiday 2013 Celebration – UPDATE #1

Yesterday I announced the SJF Holiday 2013 Celebration. This is an initiative to recruit new fans to The Adventures of Darius Logan, generate 75 new reviews, and sell 150 copies of Super Justice Force, all by December 24, 2013. One day into the Celebration, I am happy to report that we have sold 9 copies of the book, and generated 2 new reviews., which I think is a pretty good start. That said, I know we can do better than that (and I say we, because I believe that we are all in this together). Getting more fans, generating more reviews, and selling more books is only part of something much bigger. Super Justice Force is about improving literacy amongst young reads, and helping build a sense of identity for young people who do no see decent representations they can relate to in Young Adult fiction.

From now until Dec. 24, 2013, you can get 25% the cover price of Super Justice Force. Click the button below, and enter the discount code XFZBND49.

holiday sale 2013

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