Progress Report and Some Exciting News!!!

new cover sneak peakA lot of people have been emailing me about the status of the second book, wanting to know if and when it will ever be out. Yes, the second book will be out. I’m way behind schedule on it, but I am putting in time, and hope to have the first draft done by the end of summer. As some of you already know, I’m back in school, which takes up a tremendous amount of time. I also have a lot of freelance work that pays the bills, and several comic book projects, which don’t really pay the bills, but do require my attention. As a result, it might seem like I’m slacking, when in fact I’m working incredibly hard (just not on the continuing adventures of Darius Logan). I appreciate everyone’s patience, and I promise, the wait for the second book will be worth it.

In other news…later this summer I will be re-issuing Darius Logan: Super Justice Force with an all new cover, and a slightly different title. To your left you can see a little bit of the new cover, which should answer any questions as to why there is a new cover in the first place. This new art is amazing, and it will blow people away. Part of the reason for this new image is that too many people were looking at the older cover and thinking DL:SJF was a graphic novel. I wanted something that looked more like a traditional book cover and, to be honest, that was a bit more dynamic. As for the new title, it will be The Adventures of Darius Logan, Book One: Super Justice Force. I’m not going to get into the long, boring explanation for the name change, other than to say that I think with the new cover, slightly re-branding the title of the book, and therefore the Darius Logan series itself, is a good idea.

And finally, with the new cover and the slightly changed title, I will transition to using my full name, David F. Walker, as opposed to D.F. Walker. There were too many people who didn’t realize that D.F. Walker the YA author was the same person as David Walker the comic book writer, as well as David F. Walker the filmmaker. I’m just trying to make it all easier for my dozens of fans to find my work.

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