book review – THE FALLEN

the-fallen-charlie-higsonFive books into The Enemy series, Charlie Higson picks up where the first book left off. The most recent entry in the series, The Fallen, takes place immediately after the first book, The Enemy. Set in London after a mysterious plague has either killed all the adults, or turned them into crazed, diseased cannibals, each book revolves around a group of children to fending for themselves in world with dwindling resources. Higson’s series does not follow a chronological order, which is my only real complaint about these grim, blood-drenched books—sometimes it gets a bit difficult to remember what happened when, and to whom it happened. Higson doesn’t believe in sparing any of his characters from nasty fates. The Fallen starts out with the sort of action and horror that has come to define the series, and after the dust settles and the blood stops flowing, it looks like we be in for the sort of horrific adventures found in the earlier entries in the series. In fact, I was starting to get concerned that Higson may have been running out of story to tell, and simply re-purposing what he’s already written. Thankfully, the story takes some unexpected turns, introduces some new characters that bring a new life and a new energy to The Enemy books, and holds its own with the earlier books. As with the other books in the series, The Fallen can get pretty violent at times, and there is some profanity. This is a book best suited for older teens, and those that are not easily frightened, but if you are a fan of horror, you will enjoy The Fallen and the others in the series.

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