Book 2 — A Work in Progress

I really am working on the new book, tentatively titled Darius Logan: No Man’s Land, and I’m trying my best to have it done and in the first half of next year. After taking a break from the book, I’m to working on it, and I just wanted to share a single paragraph with everyone. There is so much going on in book two, but I think this paragraph sums most of it up (of course, it may not even make it into the final draft).

Darius stared down at the planet Earth from the orbiting space station located near the moon. Up until recently, the station had been owned and operated by Super Justice Force, but with the recent financial problems faced by the superhero team, the decision had been made to sell the facility. Darius had no idea who had purchased the space station, and he really didn’t care. Below him was the planet he called home and on it was the woman he loved. He just wanted to be back on Earth.
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