df walkerThe Adventures of Darius Logan is a Young Adult series set in the world of superheroes. The first book in the series is Super Justice Force (originally released in 2011 as Darius Logan: Super Justice Force). The series was created by me, David F. Walker (that’s a picture of me on the left), in response to what I felt was a shortage of quality books for male Young Adult readers, as well as people of color, who often find themselves excluded from the fantastic worlds found in YA fiction. This is not to say that The Adventures of Darius Logan are meant only for boys or people of color, because that is not the case. I merely felt that these readers were not being served. After being rejected by numerous publishers because “teenage boys don’t read,” I decided to publish the series myself.

The second book in the series, No Man’s Land, will be out in 2015.

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