Welcome to the official website for Super Justice Force, the first book in The Adventures of Darius Logan.

SJF final cover Nov 2013Super Justice Force is the story of an ordinary kid living in an extraordinary world of superheroes, and finding the strength within himself to be a better person than he ever imagined possible.

I wrote Super Justice Force because I felt there were not enough quality books for older teenage boys.  I decided to self-publish Super Justice Force after being told by every publisher in North America that “teenage boys don’t read.” And this is not to say that this book is specifically for teen boys, because others outside that demographic will enjoy it as well. My hope is that anyone who enjoys two-fisted tales of action and adventure will be entertained by The Adventures of Darius Logan (Book Two, No Man’s Land, will be out in 2016).

The purpose of this site is to introduce readers to Darius Logan and the incredible world he lives in, and to build a base of loyal fans. The first 25 chapters of Super Justice Force have been serialized on this site for FREE. Click HERE to enter the site. You can purchase the book by going to the STORE page. Enjoy and please spread the word. – David F. Walker

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